Want to host a performance of PITCH?

The PITCH America West Coast Tour will travel down and then back up the Pacific Coast, and we are booking dates to perform in living rooms, basements, and garages - possibly yours.

The technical requirements of the show are a 10'x10' room that can be dark enough at the time of the show to see projections (the show integrates multi-media). If you have questions or are interested in hosting a show or two email us at or call 917.397.6970.

The dates of the tour are listed below:

SEA – May 27-30, July 19-20
PDX – June 1-5, July 12-18
EUG – June 6-7, July 9-10
ASH – June 8-9, July 7-8
SF – June 10-12, July 5-6
LA – June 13-24

Once you confirm a date to host a performance, we ask that each person make a $10-20 donation (we won't gripe if you donate more), and bring an appetizer or beverage. You can make your donation online (below) or in person at the show.